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[Public Relations] Information & Requests

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:55 am
by Eleanor Swafford

CITY OF LOS SANTOS • EAST VINEWOOD BLVD, DOWNTOWN LOS SANTOS • LOS SANTOS, SAN ANDREAS[hr][/hr] On behalf of the Los Santos Fire Department, the Public Relations Division works hard to provide the best for the city when it comes to education and information about the department. We pride our selves on being able to do this in a timely manner and with ease, on top of this we are also tasked with communicating with the public on a regular basis and with the top most professionalism. As a division in the department, some of the ways we communicate with the public are:
  • Social events.
  • Press conferences.
  • Public Ride-Alongs.
  • Television & Radio interviews.
  • Regularly produced publications.
For updated information during and after a working incident, access to story archives or any other general press/public relations and requests, please contact us through the following:

LSFD Public Relations Contact:
Fire Chief Eleanor Swafford
LSFD Non-Emergency Line: 411