[APPLICATION] Recruitment Process

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[APPLICATION] Recruitment Process

Post by Los Santos Fire Department » Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:29 am

1) Ensure you read all the employment information and meet all requirements:
  • If you want to become an LSFD Firefighter, you must read all the employment information and meet eligibility requirements found on THIS thread.
2) Fill out an application:
  • You must fill out an application form and post it in THIS section. Make sure everything is filled out to the best of your ability and knowledge and the title is the following: "[APPLICATION] FULL NAME"
3) Move onto the interview stage:
  • If your application is set to the interview stage, you must meet a member of the Recruitment & Training division in person within seven days to interview you. Background checks are done by this time and will be one important component to determine your eligibility for employment, amongst a lot of other things.
4) Pass your Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) (ON HOLD):
  • Passing your Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) is mandatory. The physical exam involves four parts. The test involves moving heavy weights over long distances and working with equipment. It tests strength, stamina, endurance, and coordination.
5) Pass your medical and psychological tests:
  • You will need to have medical testing, performed by the All Saints General Hospital. You must have a comprehensive medical examination to check on health. A psychological exam checks to make sure you can deal with the stress and trauma that may come with the job. Contact [email protected] (( OwlGaming Forum PM to Law. )) to schedule an appointment with her or simply contact ASGH's non-emergency hotline and obtain the results.
6) Pass your drug screening test:
  • Drug screening must also be done and you have to pass it by obtaining a negative result. This test measures urine for the presence of certain illegal drugs and prescription medications. Getting a positive result will result in immediate termination.
6) Obtain your basic life support and firefighting training:
  • You must request a member of the Recruitment & Training division to train you only when all of the above is done. Getting your training on both sectors will be mandatory before you can take your exam.
7) Pass your academy stage:
  • Once you have been fully trained, you will be given an exam by one of the Recruitment & Training instructors. If you successfully pass it, you'll be moved onto the probationary stage. Failure to do your academy exam after two attempts will result in termination.
8) Pass your probationary stage:
  • During your probationary period, you will be closely overwatched and will go on calls with other full EMT's/Paramedics or Firefighters, having to successfully complete at least ten calls to a minimum before receiving your probationary exam. Failing a single step during the call may result in immediate termination. You will also be given a written examination to ensure you are ready to become a full FF/EMT.
    As usual, if you fail it after two attempts, you will be discharged.
9) Become a FF/EMT II:
  • If you pass your probationary stage successfully, you'll become a FF/EMT II which means you are a fully certified EMT and Firefighter.
NOTE: The Candidate Physical Ability Test, medical and psychological tests and drug screening tests may be done at a different order. However, you must always do them after your interview stage and before your basic life support and firefighting training.


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