[RIDEALONG] General Information

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[RIDEALONG] General Information

Post by Gabriella Kinney » Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:22 pm

Image Ridealong Information If you are viewing this thread, you are most likely interested in a ridealong with our fellow firefighters. For that to happen, you are primarily required to fill out a request and post it in this section, which subsequently will be carefully handled by the Human Resources Bureau. You will afterwards receive a message on that same request with an official response from a bureau member, either with accepted, pending or denied status. You can have a look inside the department as no one really has, ranging from our headquarters to patrolling in our rescue ambulances or engines. The options are countless!

You will be placed in a ridealong with a member of the Supervisory Staff, or a Non-Commissioned member if permission from the Supervisory Staff, Command Staff or Executive Staff is granted. However, for you to be able to apply for a ridealong, you are required to fulfill a few requirements. This is not but for the safety of the civilians, and eventually the department itelf. These are typically as follows:
  • Be an US legal civilian.
  • Be 18 or above.
  • Have official documents up to date.
  • Must show interested in how the department runs.
  • (( Must not have an extensive admin history. ))


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