LSFD Press Conference - Los Santos Earthquake 2016

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LSFD Press Conference - Los Santos Earthquake 2016

Post by Eleanor Swafford » Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:46 am

ImageLos Santos Earthquake 2016
**A press conference with numerous news agencies would take place outside the Los Santos Fire Department Headquarters in Muholland. The conference would be televised on channels such as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, SAN, and etc. As well as it being posted on several social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkbook, and YouTube.**

**As the video starts, Fire Chief Eleanor Swafford introduces herself after taking the microphone at the podium , speaking to the crowd of reporters and journalists.*

 "  As some of you may already know, Los Santos County was heavily affected by an earthquake that was recorded to be 6.4 on the Moment magnitude scale (MMS). The blind thrust earthquake was recorded initially and categorized by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) last Saturday (August 6th,2016) at  7:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). The earthquake's epicenter was centered between the Idlewood , Jefferson, and Commerce districts of Los Santos, with the hypocenter being roughly 16 miles underneath the surface streets of our city. Aftershocks were recorded throughout the night until morning along with some minor flooding as rescue efforts were under way, making it very difficult for LSFD rescue crews.

   The loss of life and damage to property was kept to a minimum, due to the quick reaction of firefighters and medical personnel from the LSFD. The final toll has come out to 57 deaths and 1892 injuries. We would like to cite special recognition to Los Santos International Airport once again along with the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department for assisting the LSFD heavily throughout the last few days as recovery and rescue efforts continue. County General Hospital in Jefferson will be closed down indefinitely, due to the severe structural damage the building sustained. All hospital related operations will be transferred over to All Saints Hospital in Market till further notice.

  Over the next couple of weeks, the Los Santos Fire Department at the request of the Los Santos County Government will be going throughout the county in search of unsafe structures that require condemnation, due to heavy structural damage that make them unsafe for human occupancy. This process will take several weeks to conclude. If you're living or conducting business in such a place, you'll be formally notified by the LSFD and the structure will be closed till further notice until repairs are done. Once we clear the structure for use once more, you may continue to use it as you wish. Any other questions or concerns can be forwarded to my office, or the Office of Los Santos County Fire Marshal [mention]Nova Wanekia[/mention] .Thank you and that would be all for tonight."

** Eleanor Swafford promptly leaves the podium, the video footage would end as she does so.**
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